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Authentication Simplified

Notary Public

Notarisation, Apostille and Legalisation Services

Notary Public

Notarisation, Authentication & Legalisation

Notarial Deeds

Certain documents are required by law to be notarially executed, in which case a notary has to draft the document which is then signed and witnessed in the presence of the notary. These documents are known as notarial deeds, and include, inter alia, ante- and postnuptial contracts, deeds of servitude, deeds of cession of usufruct, notarial leases, trust deeds of donation and notarial bonds. Such documents are kept in the notary’s safekeeping and the notary is also required to keep a protocol and register of all the documents drafted by and attested to before him.

Notary Apostille & Legalisation

A notary is also needed for the noting of protests regarding a bill of exchange as well as Notary Apostille & legalisation services which include attestation, authentication and notarising of documents for use in foreign countries. Legalisation of documents means that official documents are sealed and signed with an Apostille Certificate affixed for use internationally (where countries are party to The Hague Convention, to which South Africa is a party). Or, where countries are not party to The Hague Convention, with a Certificate of Authentication.

Specialist Attorney

The Notary’s Role

A Notary Public is a specialist attorney who has an intimate knowledge of certain acts, and the processes prescribed therein, and who is legally empowered to officially witness signatures, take statements and certify the validity of documents.

Being held to a higher standard of care than an attorney, a notary is a specialist in the drafting and/or legalisation of certain documents. The legality of which can be positively assumed, drawn from the fact that the document was notarially executed.

Some Of The Documents To

Notarise, Authenticate Or Legalise
Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Single status Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Police Clearance Certificates
Powers of Attorney
Copies of ID’s or Passports
Educational documents

A Cross-section Of

Notarised Documents

A notarised document is a document containing authenticated signatures of those authorised or required to sign it, signed by the Notary Public who witnessed the signatures and accompanied by an impression of his or her official notary seal.

Ante- and Postnuptial Contracts

Deeds of Servitude

Deeds of Cession of Usufruct

Notarial Leases and -Bonds

Trust Deeds of Donation

Who Needs An


An Apostille Certificate aims to simplify the legalisation of documents. By certifying their authenticity makes diplomatic or consular legalisation (or other certifications) unnecessary, to be valid internationally.

If you are going to send to, or receive from a foreign country an important document, you may need to ensure it has been through the apostille process.